We’re a church FOR our community!

Here’s what you did in 2018, and a glimpse of what’s next…

You partnered with God to transform lives…


Child Dedications

Every number has a name.
Every name has a story.
Every story matters to God.


You’re helping our community find meaning and hope.

2018: A Year Of Growth

You’re part of a growing church: welcoming new people to life with Jesus.


growth in Sunday attendance this year


of Ezra is under the age of 10


Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday

New Staff

Joe Miller – Connections Pastor
Christen Brockner – Next Steps Director

Growing Student Ministries

New Middle School & High School Groups

2018 Teaching Series

Inviting you to next steps with Jesus…

Giving Back

Your church is known by what we’re FOR. We are FOR our community

Supporting Our Ministry Partners

This year we were able to give back and financially support the following ministry partners in Stoughton and beyond…

  • Stoughton Area Resource Team
  • Personal Essentials Pantry – Stoughton
  • Converge Great Lakes Church Planting
  • Luke Allison & Emmaus Community Church – Church Plant in Edgerton
  • Ezra Compassion Fund to meet needs in our church family
See how your support is making a difference through START

Serving In Our City

This year our groups served our community with hundreds of volunteer hours with…

  • Syttende Mai Helpers Team
  • Gathering Table Meals
  • Personal Essential Pantry
  • Senior Center
  • Stoughton Food Pantry
  • The River Food Pantry
  • Skaalen Home

2018 Financials

A look at our income and expenses…




Unfunded Ministries

Actual Deficit

Behind the Numbers

We did not meet our planned budget, but worked to limit our expenses and payroll within our actual income. We used some of our line of credit to ensure payroll and mission critical needs were met.

2018 Challenges

We’re a growing church, and growth stretches us in new ways.

Growing Ministries

As our ministry grows, we have new needs and opportunities. This year we stretched to grow our staff in order to help people connect and grow. Our kids & student ministries grew significantly, and required some additional resources.

Financial Need

Growing ministries require resources and leadership. We took prayerful steps of faith to help manage the growth, and trust that we can grow our giving to meet the needs. Our needs are real, immediate, and contribute to a healthy church.

Immediate Need & Negative Impact

We were not able to fulfill our last payroll obligations. We are limiting all expenses, and this will continue to negatively impact ministries unless this need is addressed in the very near future.

We Need Your Help!

The apostle Paul describe the church like a body – every part matters and contributes to the health of the whole thing. Ezra needs every person to play a part to help us thrive. When you serve in life-giving ministry, you thrive and your church thrives. When you give financially, you experience financial freedom and our vision becomes more real…you’re helping transform lives and bless our community.

We recognize this journey God has Ezra on requires faith, patience and action as a community. We’re a growing church and sometimes that growth stretches us in new ways. Would you join us in this journey and help meet our short-term and long-term financial needs? Please pray about how God wants you to be a regular giver at Ezra. A special gift today would be helpful.

Consistent faith-fueled generosity will move things forward.

Give a special gift

Could you help reduce our $16,000 deficit today?

If every family at Ezra gave $160, we’d be caught up. Would you give $160 or more today?

Setup Regular Giving

Could you setup regular online giving?

Your consistent faith-fueled generosity will help keep us on track for the year ahead.

I love my church! Thank you for playing a part in all that God did this past year. We faced some growing pains, but also experienced the joy of seeing lives transformed and blessing our community. Let’s keep focused on Jesus, live generously for Him, and make 2019 our best year yet.
Jeff Lovell

Lead Pastor