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Hey Families! I don’t know about you, but trying to engage my kid in a spiritual discussion has often left me scratching my head. Maybe you too? Ezra wants to help! Take a little bit of time this week, maybe over a meal, while driving, before bedtime, or whenever works for your family and use the one page lesson provided, or pick a few questions in our Discussion Guides that accompany the livestream service. These tools will help you to engage in Ezra Kids current lesson series along with your kids. There isn’t a pressure to ‘get it right,’ or finish it all in one go. These resources are meant to be an easy tool to fuel spiritual discussions.

Jenny Geishert

Family Ministries Director


Print out a note page to help kids engage with the teaching and worship in our weekly livestream.


Every week, we have a lesson designed just for kids and families. Take some time together to connect with God this week! Click the title below to get each week’s guide:

Ezra Kids Songs

Here’s an Ezra Kids song playlist for your family to enjoy this week!

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