– May 24, 2020 –

We’re a community of people
partnering with God to transform lives
and bless our city.


We are the church, wherever we gather. We’ll continue to connect online in the Ezra Living Room experience. Church isn’t canceled, and the presence of Jesus is not socially distant. Here’s a weekly way to connect with your church family.

This is our way of seeking God together – He is Living, and we make Room for Him.

Use this resource each week with your family & those close to you while maintaining appropriate social distance.



the scriptures and prayers aloud together.


to the songs we’ve linked.


the video teaching below from our teaching team.


a few simple questions with others in person & online. 


through sharing prayer requests, needs and generosity. 


this week’s way of following Jesus together.


continue to be the church.

Below, you’ll find our video teaching and resources to create a meaningful experience in your Living Room.

WEEK OF MAY 24, 2020


Thanks for joining us! Let us know you’re here and any way we can be helpful to you.

Welcome back! Let us know you’re here and any way we can be helpful to you.

It’s our privilege to seek God with you. How can our leaders join you in prayer?

Your generosity matters

We live with open hands so God’s blessing can overflow through us. When you give financially, you’re helping your church continue to helping people connect with God and bless our city.


We sing songs because of who we are and who God is. We sing because sometimes we feel like it.  Sometimes we sing because we don’t feel like it, and by singing (or even just listening) we might start to feel like it. We lead our hearts to worship, because God is always worthy of worship. 

Sing or listen to 1 or 2 or 5 of these songs, and use the playlist throughout your week.

Spotify Playlist

Kids’ Activity

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Here’s a simple activity for your kids that goes along with today’s teaching. Help your kids see how God cares for them.

Ezra Kids Songs

Here’s a YouTube playlist of songs from Ezra Kids. Parents – join in and sing along!


Watch this week’s teaching with Pastor Jeff, Christen, and Sam. If possible, stream the video to your Living Room’s television. You can use your Bible or the Bible app to follow along with 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.


Life To The Fullest
  1. ​Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that “anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” How might he describe some things about the old life that are gone, and some things about the new life that has begun?
  2. The good news Paul is passing on to us is that we have a new identity. This is a gift from God, not something we earn or try harder to do. How does the gift of a new identity affect the way we live?
  3. The Circles of Influence Tool reminds us that the good news of Jesus changes us first and then flows to others. What’s one way Jesus is changing you?
  4. The best way to share good news is to BE good news. What are 1-2 specific ways you can be an ambassador – a good news messenger – in your circles this week?


    Continue to use the “Finding Rhythm in Disruption” practices this week (see the link below). What are you noticing about what is helpful to you?

    Also, when it comes to being good news this week, the BLESS resource we’ve shared in the past may come in handy. It offers 5 simple ways to BE and SHARE the good news of Jesus in your circles.



    Do you want to make a difference?
    There are ways you can volunteer, pray, or give during this time.

    Do you need help?
    Food, supplies, and prayer support is available.

    Last month, the For Stoughton fund provided assistance for families out of work and encouraged Stoughton frontline workers. We’re trusting God’s generous provision through our church.

    Would you consider a gift to Ezra Church or the For Stoughton Fund?

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