Watch Party

A New Way To Experience Church & Invite Your Friends

A watch party is a group of people who meet in person or online to experience a service together.

You can meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere! This is a unique opportunity for us to invite new friends and neighbors from your circles of trust and influence. And remember, over half of Jesus’ teachings recorded in the bible occurred in an outdoor setting, so feel free to host in your backyard, driveway, garage, etc. (in accordance with social distancing guidelines).

Here’s how to Watch Party!


Pick a Time

Watch our livestream Sundays at 9:30am.

Or choose another time and watch on-demand.

Pick A Place

A backyard. A Driveway. A Garage. Wherever there’s wifi. (Please respect social distancing guidelines.)

Invite Your People!

Neighbors? Friends? Coworkers? We all have a circle we can invite. A watch party is more than a gathering of friends from church. Invite friends and neighbors too who might like to connect, too! Make it fun!

    Ready to join the party?

    If you’re ready to join us in helping people connect and re-connect with God during this challenging season we encourage you to get started below!


    Frequent Questions

    Can I bring a friend to a watch party?
    Yes! We’d love for you to invite friends. Just make sure to sign up on the website so our numbers are accurate and follow county guidelines. Watch parties are like the new “front door” of Ezra! Feel free to invite
    friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
    Do I have to be a part of Ezra to participate?

    Nope! We all need to make meaningful
    connections with others right now, so watch parties are open to everyone, regardless
    of church experience or where you are on your faith journey. Seriously! You’re welcome if you’re simply exploring the idea of faith, have been journeying for a long time or somewhere in between.

    Do I really have to Sign Up to attend a watch party?

    Yes! Think of signing up as a way we can love one another well. Signing up lets your host know what to expect so they can plan well and communicate any necessary details to you. It also helps us honor our county guidelines. Don’t forget to register your kids too!

    What if I want to host a watch party (in person or online)?

    Awesome! We’d love to hear about it! Please email us to let us know. We will contact you and help set things up. Otherwise, simply invite some people to join you! You can take a quick picture of your gathering and post it on social media tagging Ezra Church so we can celebrate
    the meaningful connections with you!

    What if I have a different idea for connecting with others?

    Great! The church is people seeking Jesus together! We encourage you to go ahead and invite others to participate in your idea with you. Let us know what you’re up to by posting a picture of it on social media and tagging Ezra Church.

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